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IGS Analysis Center at GFZ

The NAVSTAR GPS (Navigation System with Time and Ranging Global Positioning System) is a one-way microwave system for 3-dimensional positioning, navigation and time transfer. Minimum 24 satellites in 6 orbital planes with an inclination of 55 o and a height of 20000 km enables the precise determination of station coordinates and velocities for each point on the earth with mm and mm/y accuracy. This make GPS to a widely used tool in surveying, geodesy and geophysics. Besides this "classical" applications GPS is used in ionospheric and atmospheric monitoring and is likely to revolutionize many fields of scientific applications.

In January 1994 the International GPS Service (IGS) was founded as a service of the International Association of Geodesy (IAG) after an one year of successful Pilot Service. Besides the large number of station operating agencies and regional data centers the IGS comprises 8 global Analysis Centers and 3 global data centers.

IGS GPS Network

Section 1.1

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