Animation of the Earth's gravity field for GFZ 96

This animation requires a high speed Internet connection and
 a screen resolution not less than 1024 x 768 pixel


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Please load one of north view animation or south view animation first.

In static mode you can use the buttons to rotate the earth in steps of 15 deg. Moving the mouse pointer over the exaggeration factors will change the exaggeration of the view.

In dynamic mode move the mouse pointer over one of the speed buttons to rotate the earth with the selected speed. If you leave the buttom, the animation will stop.

north view animation south view animation
Static Mode Continuous Mode
step forward 1 frame/s
step backward 2 frames/s
  5 frames/s
10 frames/s
Exaggeration factor  

Wolfgang Köhler | Created: 13.05.2002 | Last Change: 26.11.2008

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